Sky Forms Pro

Sky Forms Pro is a set of beautiful form elements with large amount of javascript features: validation, masking, modals, ajax submit, datepickers. It allows you to create forms of any complexity and for any needs: login, registration, contacts, review, order, comment, checkout, etc.

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since 22.08.13
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Live Demos

Let's start with commonly used forms. All these demos included to the pack and you can use them as a base for creation your own forms.


Color schemes

Each scheme has it's own css file, that can be easily modified to create your own color scheme.


I recently bought this product and it is the second product from Voky. I needed a flexible, functional and graphically pleasing form, along with a form that will validate, which is why I chose this product.

I have also needed some support, because I am learning PHP and coding from scratch so lacked some knowledge. Both this product and the post-purchase support have been excellent, with the support being professional and very quick.

I cannot convey enough, how happy I am with both the products I have purchased from Voky and the support I have received.

Thank you for the support and helping me to build a very complex form.
Hi everyone,

I want to say a BIG thanks to Voky, who provided top level support with my purchase. I wanted to add a few fields to my form and ensure that it will be emailed to my email box correctly. He responded very quickly to my request for help and we’ve figured it out.

I’m amazed how helpful this guy was and highly recommend his product, since I was searching for an one-stop solution for web form very long.

Thank you, Voky and good luck with sales!
This is a great find. Works a treat on my site:

A great time saver!!! Looking forward to using more of the forms as and when I need too for my website development & website design clients.

Great work by the developer; thanks for producing this!!!

I have also bought the sky mega menu. Cant wait to implement it on my Vcard site. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
great work. wish you many sales
Wow. Really great work. I will definitely buy later.
What can I say, yet another amazing script from a truly talented developer.
Awesome forms! Bookmarked!
I’m compelled to write up some feedback about Sky Forms Pro which will hopefully serve to inform anyone finding themselves in the situation I was in: formless and filled with trepidation about how to go about getting form-savvy in my projects.

SkyFormsPro is the answer!

Last night I bought the product and this morning I now have a growing library of the most beautiful, completely functional, validating and impressive forms that I can now drop into my RapidWeaver projects, at will.

Buy this, take a wee bit time to learn how to use it and if you are a Rapidweaver, like me, you simply won’t believe the world of forms that opens up in front of you – totally customisable using a creation syntax that could hardly be any simpler!!

The amount of time this is going to save me is incalculable.

Voky – this is a masterwork. How you will improve on this is hard to imagine.

Buy it. Learn it. Love it.

10/10 – I can say no more.
I’d definitely recommend buying this! Voky has been in touch with me for a while now & although I was interested in purchasing his old forms, he advised me me to wait until this one was completed as I was wanting the validation. Rather than trying to get paid for two different products, he was courteous & let me know that he was getting ready to publish the newer item. He’s a very nice person, and a genius at design! The forms look fantastic!

A+ product & an A+ seller!
geat script, 5 stars!
These are amazing – nice job. Appreciate all of your hard work.
Great forms. Already bookmarked, should use very soon...
Well, what can I say. SkyFormPro is one of the best product I ever bought at the envatoMarket. Easy to install, easy to customize and the most understandable programming. Even with just my small skills in PHP I could run my form in minutes.

And I got the best support I ever had – fast, clear and Voky returning a demo which answered all my questions.

Keep going on Voky and thanks for your help!!! Michael

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