Sky Forms

Sky Forms is a set of beautiful form elements. It has large amount of customized elements, different color schemes, responsive grid system and allows you to create forms of any complexity and for any needs: login, registration, contacts, review, order, comment, checkout, etc.

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since 20.06.13
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Live Demos

Let's stars with commonly used forms. All these demos included to the pack and you can use them as a base for creation your own forms.


Color schemes

Each scheme has it's own css file, that can be easily modified to create your own color scheme.


This is beautiul, and very easy to customize. Propably one of the best thing i bought in here – and believe… i bought a lot!
I love the forms and the easy layout of the CSS. Voky does great work and is very responsive to questions!
I’m certainly glad I found this gem. Great work. I’ve bookmarked it and I’m eagerly waiting for the pro version.
I bought this simply because the color blending was really beautiful. I’m always jealous of people who just seem to be able to take CSS and create something gorgeous of a few lines of code and some gradients. You make it look easy, which believe me, I know it’s not, at least for me. Sometimes I buy them to use, sometimes to learn from, with these, I’m doing both. Nice work.

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